The margin is ever expanding because life is made to live-not work!

Christopher Fry says, “Life is a hypocrite if I can’t live the way it moves me!”

I’m most moved watching my daughter grow and blossom and become a young women. The things that interest her interest me. Of course I’m learning daily the feeling isn’t mutual. Apparently this has been the case with generations of parents and their children.

But because every father should remember that someday his kid will follow his example instead of his advice I try daily to live out my passions.. Also, because I enjoy the idea of business and how the lives of many are affected by the companies they work for or spend time around. I believe the generation of young people who are coming of age now are truly world changers and I want to encourage them to chase their dreams wherever they lead.

Working 40 years at a job you don’t love and then retiring is never the way God intended things to work!


Blogging Our Adventures

David and I talk almost daily about our adventures regarding changing our lives. This includes how work outs went, food, cool sites we find, etc.

Since we have been working on our book “I Was 260 Lbs” and really into writing down everything that was happening, we realized it would be more fun to add you to our conversations and share them here.

To fill you in on where we are at today, our next race is only a few short weeks away. We are going to be doing a full distance triathlon (Ironman distance) on March 23rd in Ocala, Florida as part of the HITS series of events.

We hope you enjoy our blog where we share the fun and not-so-fun times that we experience through our adventures. Feel free to jump in on the conversation, we would love to hear from you as well.


Rafferty Pendery